All inclusive plan!

Graphic Design, Corporate Image and Digital Marketing

The "Little Letter" of the plans ...

Quiet! everything is clear in the following

terms and Conditions:

- Additional designs will be charged separately.


- Client contributes audiovisual material (video and photography) If he does not have it, the creation and management will be charged separately.


- Website design is charged separately as well as the value of hosting and domain.


- The Hosting and Domain values ​​are additional and annual payment values.

- The configuration of Google My Business is to support the georeferencing of the business (physical address of the same)


- The package you purchase is to generate presence and visibility, it is not a sales force.


- Virtual channel advice agreed with the client.

- The published value is the final purchase value, no additional value will be increased according to the plan.

- Pre-delivery of review will be made for approval of final designs, the time for review and / or approval by the client should not be more than 5 business days, in case of obtaining a response, the design will be accepted and will continue with the other designs and / or processes.

- All the material produced will be delivered digitally to the client in PDF and / or Illustrator and / or Photoshop formats.


- If printed material is required, this service will have an additional value agreed with the client, both value, delivery and method of payment.


- The values ​​can not be modified, as well as the promoted products, in almost modifications it will be understood as a personalized package which will vary in value.

- There will be permanent and direct contact between the work team and the client.

-Because they are Promotional, these values ​​do not have additional discounts.